Creating Custom Medical Devices and Implant Replicas

At GPI, we understand the importance of a timely and cost-effective product launch.

We get it, the time and money spent in designing medically approved devices and implants can be a burden on any organization regardless of its size.  For this reason, many of our clients understandably aim to launch their sales and marketing efforts as soon as the device or implant gets final approval. A GPI custom device or implant can be manufactured in large quantities and at a fraction of the price.

A GPI custom device or implant replica can be brought to market quickly, but the process doesn't happen overnight.

Here are some of the details regarding what you can expect while working with GPI Anatomicals on a custom medical device or implant replica:

Sketches: This step sets the foundation for the entire project and is typically done hand-in-hand with the client to ensure that all crucial elements of the model are accounted for.

Digital Mock-Ups:  GPI's staff take the sketches and create professional images to better visualize the finished product.  During this step, clients are consulted regularly as changes are made and the plan is finalized.

Digital Proofs:  During this step, GPI finalizes the artwork and includes full color.  These proofs are then approved by the client.  This is the last step in the process prior to the creation of tools and molds required for manufacturing which makes it critical that all elements of the model are approved.

Pre-Production Samples:  This step is another chance to ensure that the custom model is excatly as expected.  GPI will manufacture a small number of models to ensure that they each meet our strict quality standards and the client will have a chance to inspect the model as well.  This final step prior to mass production is a chance to ensure that all aspects of the model are done exactly correct.  Once  approved, GPI will begin production of the total quantity agreed to.