Why Veterinary Models?

At GPI, we believe that the true value of a custom veterinary model is in strengthening relationships: both between the veterinarian and their pet-owners and between your sales reps and their veterinarians.

Veterinarians and their staff will greatly appreciate the effectivness of a custom veterinary model when trying to educate pet-owners on proper treatment and prevention. These tools have been shown to greatly impact the level of pet-owner compliance while building long-lasting relationships between sales and marketing representatives and animal health providers.

Another critical benefit of an veterinary model from GPI is its ability to enable concrete understanding of a pet's condition and treatment plan.  Increased compliance equates to healthier animals first and foremost, but also greater demand and increased profits along with happier veterinarians and hospital administrators.

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This affordable, branded educational premium will sit proudly in a waiting room or exam room which provides a unique opportunity for effective and constant marketing in an environment that is relatively clutter free.

Also, it is our policy to re-sell custom models only to those companies or subsidiaries that the models were originally developed for.