Why Pharma Models?

At GPI, we believe that an effective anatomical model can strengthen relationships: both between the health care provider and their patients and between your sales reps and their health care providers.

Physicians and their staff members will appreciate the speed and effectiveness of an anatomical model when trying to educate their patients, which will greatly impact the relationships that they have with your sales and marketing representatives. 

Patient Compliance and Anatomical Models


Another critical benefit of an anatomical model is its ability to increase patient compliance levels due to a more concrete understanding a patient's condition and treatment plan.  Increased compliance equates to healthier patients first and foremost, but also greater demand and increased profits along with happier physicians and hospital administrators.

Furthermore, GPI's affordable branded educational models will sit proudly in an exam room or physicians office which provides your organization with a branding opportunity at the time of the prescription decision.

Also, it is our policy to re-sell custom models only to those companies or subsidiaries that the models were originally developed for, providing you with a competitive advantage in crowded therapeutic areas.