To purchase a model please visit our Where to Purchase page to locate a dealer.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I buy a model?

    We no longer sell to the public. To purchase a model please visit our Where to Purchase page to locate a dealer.

  • Can I become a distributor?

    We are always looking for companies with a large customer base to represent our product line. GPI welcomes the opportunity of developing a mutually beneficial relationship that will prove profitable for both of us. GPI manufactures and stocks all of our models and can usually ship within 2-3 days.

    We have prepared a DVD of all our models in both hi-res and lo-res for your website and catalogs, which is available upon request. GPI will also have FREE unbranded copies of our catalog, without our GPI information, for your advertising and marketing purposes. Email to be sent our dealer application.

  • How do we add a custom logo on a model?

    We offer many custom options available for our 97+ stock models. Please refer to our Custom Models page to learn more about all the custom options offered.

  • What advantages do anatomical models provide?

    A GPI anatomical model is a critical component of effective patient education. The tactile and descriptive nature of the anatomical models that we produce help patients and pet-owners better understand their conditions and treatment plans which significantly raises the level of patient compliance. Increased compliance equates to healthier patients first and foremost, but happier physicians and hospital administrators as well.

    As a student teaching tool, an anatomical model is a crucial element of any classroom. Students are given the chance to learn in a tactile way which has been shown to greatly improve retention rates.

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